Service FAQs
"If the light is solid that usually means it's driveable!" – Mike Sutton,Service Manager
A great tip came from Nick about determining your vehicle's driveability if you see the check engine light on. "If the light is solid that usually means it's driveable and it’s safe to drive to the dealership; whereas if it's blinking or flashing that would mean it's not driveable, you should stop driving immediately and get towed to your dealership's service centre." Mike recommends calling a tow truck in this situation, even if it costs you money, because it could save you from causing further, more expensive problems to your vehicle down the road. “If your vehicle is under warranty Ford Roadside Assistance covers towing and is there to assist. Call 1-800-665-2006 and they will take care of the rest”.
"Check your Gas Cap!" – Adrian Fortin, Service Advisor
Adrian says "Check the gas cap!” You wouldn't think a gas cap would be that important, but it is. When it's loose or cracked, fuel vapors leak out and can throw the whole fuel system off. Adrian continues, "If your drive-ability changes, call Ford roadside assistance, 1-800-665-2006, do NOT continue to drive it!" We can't agree more on that one! If you've covered the basics and can't find a problem, make sure that you call roadside assistance. Trying to drive a vehicle that's in distress can cause further problems or potentially cause damage.
"Stop and check your gauges; make sure there are no leaks." - Larry Kubbernus, Service Advisor
The most important rule of thumb to remember is once your warning light comes on, stop right away (if you are driving) and make sure you're in a safe area for getting out of the car. Then check all around your car to determine whether or not you can see, smell or hear the problem. Mike recommends, "Stop and check your gauges; make sure there are no leaks under your car (gas tank, washer fluid, oil etc.) and listen for any odd sounds. Check for odd smells coming from your car and lift your hood to check if you can see any visible indicators like smoke or steam." Make sure you know where your gas tank and other fluids are held so if you see a leak you can figure out where it's coming from. And importantly, If you do see a leak, bring it in to get serviced immediately
"Double check your manual to make sure it's your check engine light and not low fluids like Washer Fluid or Lube Oil." – Nick Schonewille, Warranty Administrator
Nick’s suggestion is that people sometimes mix up their low fluid warnings and their check engine light. He says, “It’s easy to mix up your warning indicators, so make sure you check the legend and make yourself aware of which light means what”. Nick continues, "If it is your check engine light, get it checked out by your dealership service center right away!"

“Replace Oxygen Sensor” – Rob Kunde, Service Technician
Rob has been a Ford tech for over 10 years and knows that a common problem can be the oxygen sensor. An oxygen sensor is a part that monitors the unburned oxygen from the exhaust. It helps monitor how much fuel is burned. A faulty sensor means it's not providing the right data to the computer and causes a decrease in gas mileage. Most cars have between two and four oxygen sensors and the code you get from the scanner will tell you which one needs replacing. A faulty sensor not only reduces gas mileage, it also increases emissions. “Bring your vehicle in for a scan”, “replacing the sensor is easy and should be fixed right away or you may end up with a busted catalytic convertor which can be expensive.” Says Rob.
“Damaged wiper blades due to ice and snow” – Richard Parkinson, Parts Manager
Wiper blades often don’t last as long in the Winter, especially in the Yukon. A great way to prolong the life of wipers is to stand/flip them up after parking car, so they are not resting and freezing to windshield. This will help prevent ice buildup and wearing/tearing of the wiper rubber. Ford Motorcraft wiper blades are available if needed and are Premium Flat blade design with less frame structure for ice and snow to stick to.